Yesterday we received word that Lafayette Parish Schools would begin the transition into Phase 3 of their coronavirus recovery plan. That transition is slated to bring students back into the classroom over the next four to eight weeks. But Lafayette Schools weren't the only school systems amending their plans for moving forward with the educational process in these pandemic times.

Vermilion Parish Schools and Iberia Parish Schools have also announced they will be transitioning out of their current pandemic guidelines as well.

In Vermilion Parish Superintendent Tommy Byler explained in a social media video that the school system there will be bringing back all hybrid students to the classroom for everyday education beginning November 2nd. Byler also explained that as students returned the classroom mask mandates and other mitigation efforts would still be in place and strictly enforced.

Meanwhile, Iberia Parish School officials announced similar changes in their educational processes as it pertains to educating kids during the current health crisis.

Schools there will be moving away from hybrid learning into a face-to-face learning model beginning next month. According to the Iberia Parish School Board that face-to-face learning will begin in the parish on November 16th.

Of course, the current pandemic plans are subject to changes based on the ebb and flow of the positivity rates and the official state edicts about the policies regarding the pandemic.

We suggest that if you have questions or concerns you direct them to your local school board representative or the President of your parish school board.

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