We are highlighting this story once again because temperatures Wednesday and Thursday will be 106 and 107 degrees respectively.

The brutal heat we have had to deal with this year is just not letting up.

What do you think? Should there be a temperature at which students don't go to school?


With this year's excessive heat becoming more of our normal, many people are asking what happens with our children when they return to school. Here are just some of the questions people are asking:

Do kids go to physical education outside? Inside?

Do kids get to go to recess outside?

Can a child bring a water bottle to school?

What about school athletics?

What about band students who need to practice?

One of our questions is about the actual temperature. If the temperature hits, say, 103 degrees or higher, would schools be called off for that day?

Lafayette Parish School Board Member Kate LaBue
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We have received plenty of information from two different school board members in Lafayette Parish that we were able to communicate with about this subject. Here are some things Lafayette Parish School Board member Kate LaBue shared with us about some basics of our schools in this parish:

  • All schools in Lafayette Parish have air conditioning.
  • While teachers and administrators are on campus now, they are reporting any issues.
  • Two air conditioner service companies work throughout the summer to thoroughly clean and maintain the units.

They have a solid plan in place to make sure that all systems are running the way they should. That's a relief for every student, parent, teacher, and administrator, I am sure.

To answer one big question about recreational activities; Yes, the members of the band and football teams are all practicing outside. God bless them because it's so hot out there.

Lafayette Parish School Board Member Justin Centanni
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I also was able to get some information from Lafayette Parish School Board member Justin Centanni about some of our questions.

  • Most physical education classes will continue to take place outside.
  • Recess will continue to be held outside.
  • Your children can continue to bring a water bottle to school, and there are bottle-filling stations at schools.

I did not receive an answer about a specific temperature, but if that answer is discovered, we will update you.

Should there be a temperature at which we say our children shouldn't go to school?

Some school buses have air conditioning, but do all of them?

Most school buses do not have air conditioning. 

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