Wednesday another threat forced the evacuation of a school in Vermilion Parish. Last week a similar situation forced similar actions. Now administrators with the school system are taking steps to educate students on the severity and the reality of making threats against students and the schools they attend.

The principal of Dozier Elementary School in Erath has requested a visit from the Vermilion Parish Crisis Team. That team will be visiting with students on campus today. Among the messages, they intend to bring is this. School threats are not a joke. They are a serious crime and there are serious consequences.

Last week's school threat was determined to have been instigated by a 3rd-grade student. That student was observed leaving a threatening message on a school bus by security cameras. Yesterday's threat in Erath was similar but we do know it was not left by the same student who caused last week's disruption in classes.

According to reports, there will be similar programs held at other elementary, middle, junior high, and high schools in the parish. In each case, the message is expected to be very similar and very clear. School threats are not a joke and will not be taken lightly. Those making threats against our schools and our kids will be facing consequences for their actions.


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