An unidentified student at Northside High School is in jail after threatening to shoot the Northside High School Resource Officer (SRO) and another student.

According to KLFY, there was an altercation between two students. When the SRO for the school took action, one student threatened to shoot both the SRO and the other student. The treats were confirmed by Lafayette Police Spokesperson Sgt. Robin Green. The student making the threats was arrested and placed inside the juvenile detention center. No one was allowed to see or speak to the student prior to being arrested. The student's father is not pleased and is disputing the arrest and how it's been handled.

My son was being bullied bad bad and was in flight or fight mode and it's not right what he said, but he wanted the bullying to stop so he said what he said. -Arrested Student's Father According to KLFY

Sgt. Robin Green says an arrest had to be made.

When someone is making a threat to shoot individuals at a school, then our school resource officers have to do their job. They have to investigate and at the end of this, it was determined an arrest had to be made. -Sgt. Robin Green According to KLFY

The Lafayette Police Department maintains the SRO acted according to protocol. The SRO,s job is to protect faculty and students and acted accordingly.

Noone allowed me to see my son before taking him away. That’s wrong, he’s not a bad kid, he was being bullied bad and he wanted it to stop. -Arrested Student's Father According to KLFY

Green concludes that the situation, although frustrating to the child's parents, had to be rectified in this manner.

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