August sucks for a few reasons: it’s hot as hell, the summer is ending, and for a lot of young folks, that signals the impending return to school. But wait, this year August is awesome because for one glorious day this month you can see one of the year’s best moviesfor free!

Bo Burnham‘s Eighth Grade expanded nationwide this past weekend, but even if you haven’t had a chance to see it, A24 is making it possible to see totally free. Sticking with the whole “eight” theme, this Wednesday, August 8, Burnham’s movie will be playing for free across every state in the U.S. – yes, even Hawaii and Alaska!

I haven’t even gotten to the best part of the news yet: the screenings will be open to people of all ages with no rating restrictions. One major annoyance about the coming-of-age movie is its R-rating, which has made it pretty impossible for actual eighth graders to see the film about the nightmarish hell that is eighth grade. And for any concerned parents out there, the only reason the MPAA slapped the film with an R-rating is because of a handful of F-bombs; nothing your middle schooler hasn’t already heard before. So if you’re under 17 and still haven’t seen the movie, you won’t have to beg a parent to take you, or sneak in (hey, no judgement; I’ve been there).

You can check the full list of free screenings and theaters over at the website. And if you’re lucky enough to live in or around Los Angeles, you’ll be treated to a Q&A after the showing at the Hollywood Arclight with Burnham and star Elsie Fisher. Seriously, this movie is amazing and you won’t want to miss this. But also, bring tissues. Gucci 👌

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