Two massive eggs in a nest off Johnston Street have Lafayette residents intrigued.

Who put them there? Why are they right off of one of the busiest streets in Lafayette? When will they hatch? What is inside?

UPDATE: The eggs have hatched. It seems that the Crying Eagle theory was right.

eggs hatch johnston street crying eagle

These are just a few of the questions that people are posting on social media after driving by these huge eggs. The nested eggs are located off Johnston street right in front of Social Southern Table & Bar.

The nest is surrounded by yellow caution tape and a sign in front of the eggs reads,

WARNING: Nesting Wildlife - DO NOT ENTER

I reached out to a friend at Social Southern Table & Bar, but he didn't have any answers about the egg mystery either.

Around the office, we've come up with a few theories on what could be inside:

  1. Lady Gaga.
  2. Those fancy painted pelican statues that you see in front of businesses around Acadiana (they have to come from somewhere, right?).
  3. A genius marketing stunt by Social for a new pickled quail egg dish coming to their eclectic menu.
  4. Dinosaurs are making their return, and Lafayette is their first stop.
  5. Leftover eggs from the Giant Omelette Celebration in Abbeville.
  6. Someone is planning on making a HUGE potato salad to go along with an equally large gumbo?

Have you seen the eggs? What do you think is inside? Let us know in the comments and share this with your friends to see what they think!

Until then, we wait.

UPDATE: A third egg that we previously didn't notice has been confirmed. We need answers. Period.

UPDATE: A few people on social media have explained that it was a marketing stunt for Crying Eagle—a Lake Charles brewery set to make itself known here in Lafayette. Others are just having photoshop fun.

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