I believe Acadiana has the best-tasting food in the world. The way Cajuns cook is unique and the seasonings Cajuns used to cook with make the food in Acadiana the best-tasting food in the world. Tourists believe the best tasting food in Louisiana is found in New Orleans...no way. Acadiana is where you'll find the best food you've ever put in your mouth. However, every once in awhile New Orleans will put a Who Dat spin on something that does taste pretty darn good.

Growing up in Acadiana, the lower end down in St. Mary Parish, we ate grits with butter and I always liked black pepper sprinkled on mine. But seriously, the only way to have perfect grits was to have them salted in the water they were cooked in. If you added salt after the fact, to me, grits never tasted right no matter what you added.

I was in a dinner on the outskirts of New Orleans a few months ago when I overheard a conversation between the waitstaff. One waitress had just gotten off her shift and was waiting for her ride to pick her up to take her home, but her driver was late. So she decided to sit at the counter and have a bowl of grits while waiting.

Now I'm sitting at a booth about 20 feet away listening and watching. So a bowl of grits is delivered by one of her coworkers and as the waitress waiting for her ride starts to season her grits as she is explaining to everyone around her that the only way to have grits is to start with them unsalted and to add lots of butter and sugar.

Your grits will taste like a dessert, said the waitress.

As I'm listening to her say this, I say to her, "I've never known anyone to have grits like that". She told me I didn't know what I was missing. Well, I had to figure out what I'd been missing. So I ordered myself a bowl and asked her to come over and watch to make sure I seasoned my bowl of grits as she had just finished explaining.

Those were the best grits I've ever had in my life.

On a more recent trip to Metairie, about 30 minutes West of New Orleans, I stopped into a roadside diner and this time I ordered unsalted grits and seasoned them all by myself like the waitress had taught me on my last trip. They were awesome. Watch the video, I'll show you how it's done.

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