I have a friend who is terrified of birds. And yes, she includes ducks in that category. So, honestly, this story would probably send her over the edge into a black hole that she might not ever get out of. And that is kind of the way a neighborhood in Baton Rouge has been feeling lately.

In the neighborhood around Summa Court Street in our capital city, they have a problem. A big problem. And it involves ducks. Lots and lots of ducks. What started out as a couple of the cute little waddlers has turned into something just short of a menacing presence in the neighborhood. Resident Jennifer Richardson told WBRZ TV "It’s like The Birds, the Alfred Hitchcock movie, but now it’s ‘The Ducks,' The daddy duck got a new girlfriend, and that girlfriend duck was a great mama duck." And now they are overrun with a gaggle of the feathery friends.

The ducks are becoming quite persistent, and residents are tiring of the novelty of having them around. They are converging around the streets in numbers that are estimated to be around 60, and coming right up to front doors, and making it difficult for homeowners to leave their houses. They are also apparently fighting for food, and laying eggs everywhere, including pretty out-of-the-way places.

Officials with Wildlife and Fisheries have been contacted to see if the ducks can be relocated, and officials are encouraging citizens to please not feed the ducks until they can figure out a solution for the "Duck Mob". You can see how much of a problem this has turned out to be in the video above from WBRZ.



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