Something is soothing about watching ducks in a pond, but it is time to stop feeding them bread.

As a kid, I enjoyed feeding our ducks a slice of bread or two, but we now know that feeding them bread is not a great idea.

As Spring approaches, more people will be in the parks and by ponds. And when ducks are in the pond, it is often tempting to feed them.

If you do, refrain from feeding them slices of bread as bread can make ducks sick and even cause digestive issues.

Not to mention, leftover bread in water can be messy and it can take away from the beauty of a pond.


If you're wondering what you and the kids should feed ducks that are swimming in a pond consider chopping up seedless grapes, seeds, corn, or even oats. Just remember to never overfeed them as eating too much can make ducks ill too.

You should also take into consideration other things that are in the water, like fish, when feeding ducks in a pond. You never want to feed ducks something that may harm the fish in the water.

So, the next time you're in a park or by a pong in your yard, just consider these few things and enjoy being in the presence of ducks as they live their best life.

Here's another nice breakdown of the danger of feeding ducks bread.


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