(WFLA) Daytona Beach, Florida police believe they've identified the driver of the SUV that plowed through a couple of traffic arms and goes airborne to jump the Main Street drawbridge over the Halifax River in Daytona Beach.

The name of the suspect hasn't been released, however, police in Daytona Beach are calling this one, one of the craziest vehicle events ever.

Monday, cameras on and near the Main Street bridge caught an SUV crashing through two traffic arms (those long, usually striped, barriers that lower across a roadway to stop traffic) and speeds across the drawbridge as the bridge starts to open. The SUV goes airborne as it jumps across the partially opened drawbridge. All while the windshield is smashed due to the SUV crashing into the traffic arms.

Two traffic arms had to be replaced on the bascule type bridge built in 1959. Even though police believe they have the identity of the driver, no arrests have been made.

The SUV is seen here crashing through one traffic arm (the other out of camera view), speeding across the Main Street drawbridge and going airborne as it jumps across open section of the bridge

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