After Brees' record breaking Monday night football game against the Redskins to take the lead in all-time passing yards, he ended the game trailing by one touchdown to achieve yet another career milestone.

Before this season started, only Brett Favre and Peyton Manning had thrown 500 touchdown passes. Tom Brady surpassed the 500 touchdown mark two weeks ago against the Colts to become the third. With just one more needed, it's highly likely that Drew Brees will become the fourth as he sits at 499.

Manning still holds the record for most touchdown passes thrown at 539. Favre sits at number two with 508. Tom Brady has 501 at the moment.

“It’s a lot of touchdowns and a lot of games and a lot of passes, but you just if you take them one at a time and you just focus on winning the game and scoring points, regardless of if I am handing it off to one of these guys are throwing to one of our guys,” Brees said. "We focus on winning games and the rest of that stuff kind of takes care of itself. Numbers add up.”

Here's to hoping this Sunday, not only will he get to at least 500, but he does it in winning fashion. Then he'll have beat all 32 NFL teams. The Ravens remain the only team that Brees hasn't defeated...yet.

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