A local elementary school band jammed out with a Lafayette legend.

If you've visited downtown Lafayette or passed by Athena on Ambassador, chances are you've seen (and heard) John "The Revelator" Mills. His aim is to bring joy to Lafayette through music, which is why you'll always see him with his trusty trombone.

As a former resident of downtown Lafayette for 13 years, I actually had the chance to get to know John when he moved in a few houses down. His normal weekday spot is the Ambassador Row parking lot near the intersection of Johnston Street and Ambassador Caffery.

Yesterday, Facebook user Danielle Alleman noticed "the trombone man" playing a song for a group of school kids who were leaving the Tokyo Restaurant where she picked up lunch.

As someone who knows John, I know these kids touched his heart with their thoughtful gesture. Hats off to the band members of Dozier Elementary School in Erath for jamming with The Revelator for this feel-good moment.

Learn more about John and keep up with him here on his official Facebook page.

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