Microwaves can either be a blessing or a curse. I personally couldn't get through one day without my microwave, and can't remember a time when we didn't have one at our house. But you have to follow the rules when it comes to these convenient appliances. Do you know what can and can't be put in a microwave? MSN has a trusty guide to help us all out.


  • Aluminum Foil - can catch fire
  • China with Metallic Accents - sparks, fire, ruined cups and plates
  • Squeeze Bottles - ingredients can explode or melt
  • Breast Milk - milk heats unevenly, and can cause 'hot spots' when given to baby
  • Eggs - heat causes steam, which means an exploded egg you have to clean up
  • Plastic Containers - can melt and release chemicals inside the microwave
  • Styrofoam - melts and releases harmful chemicals in your food or drink
  • Travel Mugs - the stainless steel blocks the microwave from warming the liquid inside
  • Paper Bags - could catch on fire
  • Chinese Take Out Containers - the handles are metal, and could catch on fire or cause sparks to fly
  • Hot Peppers - can explode or catch on fire if heated too quickly
  • Frozen Meat - thawing in the microwave can actually cause bacteria to grow on the meat
  • Nothing - very dangerous, as this could cause severe damage inside the microwave

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