We don't often have to worry about what to do during a freeze here in south Louisiana, but this week we do. Shocking, we know. With temperatures plunging, it is really important to remember those items you might have left in your vehicle, and what can happen to them during frigid conditions.

USA Today is reminding us to get these things out of the car before it's too late. Y'all stay warm out there!

  • Cell phones - will stop working below 32 degrees Celsius, but once warmed up should be ok. Should.
  • Water, soda, and beer - Remember, water expands when it freezes. Coca Cola's official freeze point is 30 degrees, and for most beer above 5% alcohol content, freezing occurs at 27 degrees. If you've ever had a can of soda explode in your freezer, you'll know why it's a bad idea to leave cans in your car during the cold weather.
  • Musical instruments - things contract when frozen, and this is especially bad for musical instruments, as it can cause them to go out of tune, and possibily even warp
  • Eggs - they can actually be used after a freeze if you just want to boil them, but unthawing drastically changes the texture and consistency of the yolks, and will not blend well with other ingredients
  • Canned foods - same as soda. If you don't want an exploded can of green beans on the inside roof of your car, then make sure you remove these before the cold causes them to expand.
  • Medication - effectiveness can be drastically reduced by freezing. And if you have medicine that has to be shaken before use, remember you can't do that if it's frozen solid.
  • Loved ones - we know this sounds obvious, but children, the elderly, and pets should never be left in a car during frigid conditions. Even limited amounts of time in an unheated vehicle can be very, very dangerous.
  • Low gas tank - tanks should be at least half full to keep from freezing. And don't forget to check anti freeze and tire pressure, which can be affected by cold conditions


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