Here in south Louisiana summer is not over yet. Not even close. So if you have dogs, Good Morning America and Dr. Mark Verdino, chief of the veterinary staff at North Shore Animal League America, have some tips for dealing with this excessive heat. Whether it's summer or not, we want our furry friends to be comfortable and safe in this hot weather!

  • Watch out for excessive panting. This could be a sign of overheating.
  • Dogs with dark coats get hot faster. Don't forget that even animals can get heat stroke.
  • Make sure your dogs have plenty of water, and shade. This might sound elementary, but it's probably the most important factor in not letting them get
  • overheated.
  • Don't EVER leave your dog in the car in the summer. Not even with a crack in the window for air.
  • Hot pavement can burn their paws. We forget how quickly the concrete can heat up, even when it's not excessively hot outside. Just think what it would be like to wa,l barefoot on that hot paved surface.
  • Keep exercise to a minimum. Yes, they need exercise, but if it's hot and humid, that could be extremely dangerous if there's not a limit.
  • Some breeds have breathing problems, which could be exacerbated by the heat. Bulldogs and pugs can have problems breathing even on a cool day, so make sure you watch them a little closer during hot weather.


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