Let's be real, there's nothing sadder than a dog dying in a movie.

I might have cried at the end of "The Notebook" and I for sure shed a tear or two during "Me Before You", but nothing compares to the waterworks that went down during "Marley and Me". There's just something about dogs dying in movies that is so unbelievably heartbreaking.

Clearly, I'm not the only person having emotional breakdowns during doggie death scenes, because DoesTheDogDie.com is now a thing. And a genius thing, I might add. I mean, how many times are you so upset at the end of a movie, because you had to sit through mans best friend being killed off? It's terrible!

DoesTheDogDie.com will literally tell you what happens to your favorite furry character before you even watch the movie. And it doesn't stop there, the website also includes TV shows and books.

The crowdsourced site has grown since initial doggie days and now also includes spoilers for pretty much anything you can think of. Hate seeing people puke in movies? DoesTheDogDie.com has a category for that. You can basically customize your watching or reading experience and skip over all the stuff you hate. How great is that?


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