If you are like me, and you have at least one competitive bone in your body, you'll love to play Words With Friends, a Scrabble-like game played on "smart" devices.

I try to play a few rounds per day, as it keeps my mind sharp (hopefully!), and it lets me be competitive in the privacy of my own home.

It's a great feeling to have "the stars line up" to give you the opportunity to play all of your letters, affording you the bonus points that come with that feat.

A while back, I was playing against my friend Aunt Jackie, and the stars lined up enough for me to play the word BADMOUTH.

Words With Friends (Staff Photo)

After I hit the "Send" button to play the word, I saw how many points it was worth:  191!!!

Yes, I gloated for a few minutes.  (Oh, wait a minute: I guess this post is an extension of that gloating, huh?)

What has been your proudest moment playing Words?