If you're a woman, and think you know what genuinely attracts men, I'm willing to bet you're mistaken. I realize that's a Very bold (or foolish) statement. I have a lot of female friends. Multiple conversations have led me to believe women think nothing matters to us but physical attributes. Men ARE visual, spacial problem solvers. Yes, a woman's physical attributes catch our attention. Do they make us want to know you, and pursue a potential long lasting relationship? No. Elite Daily recently published remarks from several guys about what drew them to the women their lives. Eric said he noticed she was reading his favorite book. Andy met his wife online. Her profile made him laugh. Craig was drawn to his girlfriend's ability to carry on a conversation.

I've been in a relationship for almost a year. We met online. I was attracted to her openness, and curiosity. When we met face to face, she was smiling as I walked up to her. When I shook her hand, and looked into her eyes, I felt something that can't be explained. I invited her over for gumbo a few days later. We sat & talked for a couple hours. We're now living together, and talk a lot about our future.

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