I'll be honest, I love Costco. And the giant warehouse retailer was in the news quite a bit last year during the coronavirus pandemic. But even before that, it was fun place to shop.

According to Moneywise, there are lots and lots of ways to maximize your Costco shopping experience, even if you're not actually a member. And now, more than ever, it might be a great time to check out some shopping secrets/tips at one of America's favorite stores. Some of my best picks are below, but be sure to check out the whole list here.

  • You don't have to have a membership to get a prescription filled. Just have your doctor call it in, and go pick it up
  • Free tech support. You can get professional advice on how to set up your devices, or take advantage of their troubleshooting skills from Concierge Services by calling 1-866-861-0450, between 7:00 a.m. and midnight. CST, seven days a week (excluding holidays).
  • Visit the Business Center. You don't have to be a CEO to take advantage of the services in the Business Center, and most of the time they are open earlier than the regular store hours.
  • Get a Costco Shop Card. You don't have to be a member to use this, and they can be purchased (by a member) for $25 to $2,000. The gift cards can be used for absolutely anything in the store, or online.
  • Eye and ear exams. You don't have to be a member to set up an appointment to be tested, but if you want to purchase glasses or hearing aides, you do need to bring that membership card with you.
  • Use their professional Travel Services. Yes, they have someone who will actually book your trip for you. And FYI - I've rented many cars through the travel department as well.
  • Get a full refund on your membership, at any time. Not many places let you do that.
  • Use an app for rewards. Ibotta and Costco have partnered up to give you cash back on certain items, which is definitely worth investigating.
  • Learn the Costco price tag code. You can decipher these, according to Consumer Reports, and know if something is being discontinued, or is a special deal from the manufacturer. You really need to be up on this one!
  • Get your ink cartridge filled in the store for a fraction of the price of office supply stores. No, really.
  • Check out the Costco store brand, Kirkland, for a wide variety of items.


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