Our kids are little sponges.  What they see us, their parents, do and say is what they will grow up doing and saying.  How we react to situations is how they'll react when they get older.  These 'monkey see, monkey do' type responses will carry them through school, marriage,  their career and every other aspect of life.

So having said that, how did you react to the Saints loss yesterday?  Did you sling a beer bottle at the television?  Did you yell obscenities and storm out of the room?  Or did you say oh well, life isn't fair but like the rest of us, the New Orleans Saints are survivors?

Fact is, life is a beautiful miracle, but there is a 100% chance that at some point it will certainly deal you a bad hand.  How we react to those cards will decide what happens when the sun shines the next day and the day after.  And remember, someone is always watching us, especially our children.

Be smart in your thoughts and decisions in life.  Lead by example.  I fully believe that's the recipe for happiness and contentment.  And remember, you will fail.  But that's okay.  If Thomas Edison didn't fail again and again, we wouldn't have the light bulb.  Learn from your mistakes and make changes accordingly, for the next time the sun rises is yet another blessing.

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