Disney unveiled their Donald Trump animatronic in the Hall of Presidents that lies in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

The Hall of Presidents is a must-see for history buffs at Disney World. It features all 45 presidents on stage in animatronic form. They all move and react. It's quite fascinating. Here's what Wikipedia says about the Hall of Presidents:

Housed in a building resembling Philadelphia's Independence Hall, the current attraction features a short film depicting a historical account of several American presidencies, notably George WashingtonAndrew JacksonAbraham LincolnTheodore RooseveltFranklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy. The film is followed by a stage presentation of all the presidents in Audio-Animatronic form and features speeches by Lincoln, Washington, and the incumbent President, Donald J. Trump.

Headlines were made when Disney unveiled their Donald Trump animatronic. It included video of his speech that he gives. I noticed something was off with the animatronic, but I just couldn't put my finger on it.

That was until it was pointed out by Jacobone on Reddit. When you look at a closer, clearer picture of the Trump animatronic, it really looks like it was supposed to be Hillary Clinton first. Then instead of scrapping it, they just repurposed it as the Trump animatronic. I'm certainly not saying that Disney did this. But when you see the picture, the resemblance to Hillary Clinton just can't be unseen.

Here's the picture. What do you think?


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