[This trailer is rated R and NSFW]

I'm a huge comic book and comic book movie fan, and I usually encourage people to take their kids to see superhero movies. Deadpool, though, is not for kids. At all. YMMV, though, and I'm not trying to tell you how to raise your children.

People think that comic books are for kids, and most popular comic book movies are. Not all comics are for kids, though, and Deadpool has always been a violent character who goes through very adult situations. Some Deadpool comics are kid friendly, but the new movie isn't based on those.

Deadpool is rated R, and those who've seen it say it's a 'hard R.' I'll tell you what that means, but be warned: it's not at all what you'd expect in a superhero movie. From a review on BleedingCool.com [NOTE CONTENT]:

Violence. So much violence. Repeated gun shots and impact, exploding heads, sword and knife use, impalement, extended torture, immolation, burns, strangulation, repeated pummeling, child killing, shooting in cold blood, encouragement of others to commit murder.

Sex and nudity. A fair bit. Full frontal female nudity scenes in a strip club, back male nudity scenes, sex scenes, and explicit sex acts.

Language: The F word and MF word fly like bullets.  Racial swearwords in the rap soundtrack. And the sexual language is insane.

Deadpool has always been a fun and hilarious character who is kind of like a crass, extremely violent superhero version of Bugs Bunny. Ryan Reynolds is great in the role from what I've seen, and there's going to be lots of action and comedy.  I'm looking forward to seeing it, and I'd recommend it to adults, but I'd keep the kids away from it. The red band or R - rated trailer is above if you want a sample of what's in the movie.

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