Lafayette has a lot to be proud of today, as the David Thibodaux STEM Academy Robotics team had a great showing at the 2016 FIRST Bayou Regional in Kenner, Louisiana. The team finished in 26th place in the game called 'FIRST Stronghold.'

FIRST is a program for students in Grades K-12. This video shows this year's complex game. Students buikt a robotic game-piece from a kit. After it's complete, the robot must survive shipping to the location(s) where it will compete, inspections and practice. Volunteer engineers, electricians, carpenters and more are available on site for consultations and certain construction projects that students are not allowed to perform. It's as exciting for participants and spectators as any other sport! If your child's school does not have a robotics program (starting with Lego League for the little ones), ask about it at school, or click here to find out how to start your own girl scout, neighborhood or other team!

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