I have always been fascinated by science, from its use in creating new products and cures and solving crimes to its use in debunking myths and folk tales. Today, I am fascinated by science for its ability to scare me a little.

Boston Dynamics has been a leader in the scientific field of developing robots, and their latest "performance" made me do a double-take:

At first, I thought that (surely) this must be computer-generated imagery (CGI). Nope. These are real robots with dance moves that I will, sadly, never master.

Why do these things scare me a little? Well, it's probably because I have seen one too many science fiction movies ("I, Robot" anyone?). After I thought for a moment, I realized that these robots are only going to do what programmers tell them to do as they can't think for themselves. Yet.

BTW: that yellow robot you see in the video is named "Spot", and you can buy one just like it on the Boston Dynamics website for a mere $75,000.

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