As much as we want a return to "normal", there are still some pretty sobering reminders that the coronavirus pandemic is not over yet. And this is one of them.

The Krewe of Isis was the pride and joy of Sherrell Gorman, and she was responsible for bringing festive Mardi Gras celebrations back to the city of Kenner. Isis was an all-female krewe that was established in 1972 and Gorman was named captain of the 200 member krewe in 2012.  According to "It is the oldest all-female krewe in Jefferson Parish, and Gorman became captain in 2012 when she succeeded Joyce Blondeau, the co-founder of what was then known as the Krewe of Athania." Athania was originally founded in the New Orleans suburb of Kenner.

Starting in 1973 the krewe was based in Metairie, and participated in that city's annual parade. It remained there until 2019, when Gorman convinced Kenner mayor Ben Zahn to let the festivities return there. He agreed enthusiastically and plans were made for a return for the 2020 Mardi Gras season. Of course, the parades were all cancelled this year, but the Isis website says that the krewe is ready for a spectacular carnival season in 2022.

Sherrell Gorman, who loved Mardi Gras so much, passed away Friday, April 23 at East Jefferson General Hospital. She had been hospitalized for about a week and a half with COVID-19, which is listed as her cause of death. She was a life long resident of the Crescent City, and was 56 years old. Read more about Sherrell Gorman and her beloved Krewe of Isis from



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