Dan Schneider, 'The Pharmacist' is enjoying Mardi Gras and taking a break from all the calls, messages, and mail that he receives now that he is famous. Thanks to Jeremy Murphy for sharing a photo with me that he also shared on his Facebook page of him posing with Dan. He told me that some of his friends he was with were talking to Dan while they were enjoying Mardi Gras festivities. It was the Olympia Parade and they were on Columbia Street in Downtown Covington.  After watching the Netflix documentary and knowing everything he has gone through, it makes me really happy to see him enjoying life and smiling. I think I speak for everyone when I say, you're a hero, Mr. Danny.

Facebook, Jeremy Scott Murphy

Murphy did watch the popular docuseries, 'The Pharmacist' and he is a big "Dan Fan". He said it brought a lot of light to an extremely important crisis that the United States continues to face today in the opioid epidemic. Murphy works at a hospital as a Physical Therapist Assistance and he said he sees a number of patients dealing with chronic pain. He realizes how easy it is to fall into the vicious cycle of opioid abuse as portrayed in the Netflix docuseries. Murphy’s wife is originally from St. Bernard Parish, where 'The Pharmacist' is based.

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If you haven’t heard of 'The Pharmacist', it’s a Netflix crime documentary about a Louisiana-based pharmacist, Dan Schneider, from the New Orleans area who gets swept up into a personal battle against the opioid epidemic in the United States. This true story gives you a walk through the intense journey that Schneider goes through after the death of his son in a drug-related shooting.