Is your pet like your child? Fur babies are a term for just that. I have a lot of friends who have fur babies and they’re spoiled with love and attention just like a child would be. They want to make sure their pets are living the best life. So why not give them a relaxing, cozy place to rest? Those with an eye for design and DIY are creating cozy pet bedrooms for fur babies. Check out this adorable pet bedroom for a dog named Weezie.

Facebook, Stacy Green Conrad

Weezie is 2 years old. She is part of a wonderful family that loves her more than words can describe. She is a standard golden doodle and she is the only fur baby in the house. She is an indoor dog and it’s very rare she is outside because she doesn’t like it. She only goes outside if someone is with her. Stacy, the mom of the house, always wanted Weezie to have her own room since the dog doesn’t sleep with them because she is so big.

Facebook, Stacy Green Conrad

After months of researching Pinterest, Stacy ended up combining a bunch of ideas into one to create Weezie’s room. The family sunroom/breakfast area seemed like the best spot. They don’t use it since they have a breakfast bar and a dining room. Stacy does have a knack for DIY and is has a really good eye for design so her personal touches make Weezie’s room adorable. She built this farmhouse table (all by herself I might add) and it’s the perfect spot for surface space and a cozy rest area underneath with some soft throw blankets. Stacy added simple little things like a framed photo of Weezie on the wall for some décor and a welcoming wreath on her gate door. She said she still has things she is going to add but I just had to share this precious and very creative idea.

Facebook, Stacy Green Conrad

If you're thinking about creating a loveable living space for your pet, here are a few tips.

Where should their room be located:

First, decide if you want to dedicate an entire room to your dog or just a section of a room. Try to choose a place that is close enough to the family room but far enough for your baby to have some alone time in a quiet spot.

What should you have in their room:

  • A cozy bed with a blanket and throw pillows
  • A play area with their favorite toys
  • Their crate with comfy blankets
  • Water/Food bowls. Food bowls would do well if they’re away from their bed. I would use a tray or placemat under the bowls because most dogs are messy.
  • Armoire or place for clothes and accessories. If your pooch is a diva and has a fun  wardrobe, you may want a place to store all of the apparel. This would be perfect to store all of the cute bandanas, t-shirts, their leash, blankets, and all their other little things.
  • Accent pieces should be the final touch that adds lots of fun and brings out your fur baby’s personality. Wall art and personalized photos are just a few ideas. The possibilities are endless.
  • Furniture. Yes, dog sofas and chairs are a thing too.