The often misquoted William Congreve said, "Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast." Apparently beasts of the cow variety are included.

I spotted the sweet video above on YouTube this week, and it got me thinking. Is it just accordions that cows love, or do they also appreciate other types of music? Turns out, they are not just squeezbox aficionados. Apparently, cows also like trombones, saxophones, drums, and even what I think could be a didgeridoo, or maybe a saxophone/bassoon/didgeridoo. (Would that be a saxoonidoo?)

Farmer Derek Klingenberg, who says about himself on YouTube, "... I raise grain, beef, kids, and creativity," serenades his herd of cattle with a trombone!

Most of the cows didn't like the three piece band at first, but a few of them seemed intrigued, Then they all came around.

I'd love to see someone play their cows some Cajun music! Come on, show us your Cattle Dance Party!

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