There is a musical event that takes place in downtown Lafayette on the second Monday of every month. It's called Blue Monday and the Blue Monday Concert series. As you might imagine it's a great night of great local music. There are a couple of things that make Blue Monday special. One, the event raises money for a group called Love of People. And two, you never know who might show up to perform on stage.

This Monday, July 12th, we do have a little inside information on the show that will unfold at the Grouse Room beginning at 6 pm. In addition to the world-renowned Blue Monday All-Stars band, those in attendance will be treated to a little twang to go with their blues.

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The show is being billed as Country, Rythmn, and Blue Monday and it promises to be an interesting mashup of Rythm and Blues combined with Country and Western musical styles. The show features some of South Louisiana's biggest names in the local Country Music scene performing a selection of original songs and cover tunes all backed by the Blue Monday Band.

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Scheduled to appear on Monday night's show are Dustin Sonnier, Clay Cormier, Blaine Roy, and Steven Simon. Those performers will be joined on stage by some of the bigger names on the local R&B scene too.

Now if you're wondering what does Country Music have to do with Rhythm and Blues music, well let's just say it's been done before.

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Back in 1994, there was a compilation recording released called Rhythm Country and Blues. It featured Country stars singing with R&B stars. The CD was the catalyst for some incredible musical combinations. Among my favorites is Rainy NIght in Georgia featuring Sam Moore and Conway Twitty, and Since I Fell For You by Reba and Natalie Cole.  

When you think about it, the parallels of the sagas described in country music and R&B are very similar. In most cases, the songs are about the working man or the common man just trying to get by and make a better life. It just goes to show you that we are more alike than we are different.

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Tickets for Blue Monday can be purchased at the door for $10 bucks. You can also purchase a ticket that includes a fabulous barbeque dinner too. All the proceeds from Blue Monday go to Love of People. A grassroots organization that seeks to support and sustain life-saving services and medical care for Acadiana's creative community.

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So, by supporting Blue Monday today, you're actually taking care of the artists that came before while ensuring mentors for today's up-and-coming performers.

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