If you're still suffering cabin fever instead of hayfever on this April Monday then we have a suggestion for you that will feel better than a Benadryl and a nap. It's an evening of local music tonight at the Grouse Room in Downtown Lafayette. That's right Blue Monday and the Blue Monday Concert Series is back.

The series has been interrupted several times over the past year by the coronavirus pandemic, that's why tonight's concert, "A Celebration of People Coming Back Together" is can't miss when it comes to celebrating the joie de vivre of live music in Louisiana.

In addition to the regular stellar performance by the Blue Monday All-Stars, tonight's show will feature a tribute to three Louisiana musical legends. The setlist will include a selection of songs honoring Carol Fran. In addition to the onstage salute performed by Erica Fox and Jill Butler, copies of the recently completed documentary about the legendary performer will be available. Tous Les Jours C'pas La Meme will be available for $20. You can get your signed for a $30 contribution. There will also be other merchandise available too.

The Blue Monday All-Stars will also pay tribute and salute to renowned guitarist Major Handy. Handy has delivered his unique style of music to audiences around the globe and tonight, rumor has it, he'll join the All-Stars on stage for a few songs as well.

The third honoree of tonight's Blue Monday Concert will be the late Lil' Buck Sinegal. Former members of his band will be on hand to celebrate some of Lil' Buck's biggest songs.

Admission to Blue Monday at the  Grouse Room is just $10. If you'd like a meal with that then your cost will be $20 and if you'd like to reserve your ticket and your meal, then it will be $25. All coronavirus pandemic guidelines and protocols will be politely encouraged. After all, the show is about "celebrating us being back together".

The Blue Monday Concert Series is one of the fundraising efforts of Love of People, an Acadiana organization dedicated to "Helping others, Help others". All proceeds from the Blue Monday Concert Series are funneled back into the community outreach efforts of Love of People.

Since I know a lot of us have been patiently waiting for the chance to get back together with those we love and to hear the music we adore we thought we'd offer up a few other things worth looking forward to.

Ten Things We Look Forward to Once A Year in South Louisiana



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