It is fast becoming one of Downtown Lafayette's "go-to" events and what makes it even better is that it helps out South Louisiana's creative culture while providing you and yours an evening of great live music.

Blue Monday is the once-a-month live music fundraising event that takes place on the second Monday of every month. The event raises money for Love of People, an organization dedicated to helping others, help others. Tonight's Blue Monday performance will be no different.

The funds raised by the Blue Monday Mission, an arm of the Love of People outreach, will go to providing life care services for the aging, retired, and elder musicians and artists in our community.

If you're looking for something fun and entertaining and with an altruistic slant you can be a part of the show at the Grouse Room in Downtown Lafayette this evening. The live music starts at 6 pm and the evening should wrap up by 10 pm. So, it's not a late-night out for those who still need to get up and get to work on Tuesday.

Tonight's Blue Monday performance will feature the Blue Monday All-Star House Band an incredible band filled with musical stars of its own including Lee Allen Zeno, Steve Adams, Kent August, and Jill Butler. Tonight the All-Stars will be joined by award-winning bluesman Larry Garner.

Here's an incredible clip of the Blue Monday All-Stars at rehearsal.

Ticket prices range from $10 to $25 dollars. Depending on which ticket option you choose, your ticket could also include a meal for the evening and premium seating.

This mission, the Blue Monday Mission, is truly an example of people helping people. So, if you've got the envie for a good time, then come out and join the party tonight. You can learn more about the mission and how you can help support the creative culture in South Louisiana that makes what we do and how we live the envy of almost everywhere.

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