Easter Sunday is a busy day and I don't blame you if you don't want to make dessert. After all the egg hunting, candy eating and family time the last thing you want to do is confine yourself to the kitchen to bake a cake. That's where Costco comes in to save Easter day with their enormous carrot cake.

Weighing in at four pounds and measuring almost a foot in diameter, this carrot cake is big enough to share with the whole family and the Easter Bunny!

According to Delish, the Kirkland masterpiece has carrot cake fans freaking out. I mean, this thing is an Easter miracle filled with apricot and toasted walnuts, iced with cream cheese frosting, and coated in carrot cake crumbs.

After drooling over @thecostcoconnoisseur's Instagram post it looks like the 4-pounds of pastry perfection will run you about $14.

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