If you frequent the Lafayette Regional Airport, you'll notice some changes on you arrive on airport property.

The Lafayette Regional Airport announced the next phase of improvements that are planned in conjunction with the new terminal, and it slightly affects traffic.

Construction is set to begin this week on improvements to Terminal Drive, the access road leading to the Lafayette Airport.

Via Twitter, the Lafayette Regional Airport posted a graphic outlining the slight change in traffic:

Most recently, a detour was set up on Terminal Drive in preparation for improvements to the access road. That detour is still in place, with a slight shift.

When you arrive at the airport, you will now have to drive through what was once the rental car return area to get to Short Term Parking and to the new terminal.

Access to Long Term Parking is still available on the old section of Terminal Drive and, if you miss that entrance, another entrance is located on the new portion of Terminal Drive. Also, Long Term Parking is accessible through the Short Term Parking lot.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

Throughout the construction of the new terminal and ancillary service projects, signage has been clear and plentiful, so you shouldn't have much of a problem navigating the changes.

It's great to see the progress taking place at the Lafayette Regional Airport.

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