The ULL commencement ceremonies began yesterday and will continue today. College graduation is a huge accomplishment and we are all very proud of our Ragin Cajuns. Included in the commencement ceremony was the UL LIFE (Learning Is For Everyone) Program. This program is a highly personalized program for young adults with intellectual disabilities. The program combines academic, social, and career development skills at the college level so that young adults with intellectual disabilities can become thriving members of our community.

The UL LIFE Program congratulated the 5 graduates who received their certificates on their Facebook page. The 5 LIFE students that graduated yesterday and are now UL Alumni are Michael Tracy, Watson, Cam, Michael Dartez, and Jake.

According to the website, the UL LIFE program offers a basic 2-year program that incorporates functional academics, independent daily living skills, employment, social/leisure skills, and health/wellness skills in a public university setting with the goal of producing self-sufficient young adults. Acceptance to the UL LIFE Program is ultimately decided by the admissions team based on the individual's academic, social, communication, and career needs.

Students who successfully complete the UL LIFE Basic or Advanced Program will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment which is presented to the student at the College of Education commencement ceremony.

CONGRATULATIONS to the graduates!

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