This looks disgusting.

Singer Coi Leray attempted to make a seafood gumbo and now the internet is reacting to what does not look like a delicious meal.

She and her mom threw things together and she says that the "gumbo" you'll see here was spicy and sweet.

Now, I know we like our gumbo in south Louisiana and I can't recall ever having a sweet flavor in any gumbo that I've ever eaten here.


As you'll see here the singer and her mother put seafood in the pot, along with corn, and eggs, and she says it turned out great.

To be fair, we haven't tried this but I am willing to bet that this "gumbo" was not nearly as good as one you'd get from here in south Louisiana---there's no way!

Now, let's take a look at this "gumbo" and after watching it let us know if you'd even consider trying this.

We think we know what you'll say about it.

After seeing this, here's what some had to say on social media about this seafood gumbo and I don't think that they'd be willing to try it.


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