Be careful what you water your dreams with.  Water them with positive words and thoughts and you'll grow happiness and joy.  Water them with negative words and thoughts and you 'll get just the opposite.

I saw a study once where scientists took 4 water jugs that were identical, filled with water from the exact same source.  Only difference was the way each jug was labeled.  One had 'Love' written on it.  Another 'Hate'.  And I can't remember what the other 2 were labeled.  Anyway, after the water had been in the jugs for a while, the water was analyzed.  The water in the containers with positive words written on them was as clear as when it was first put in.  The jugs with hateful words written on them contained water that had become contaminated, dirty, essentially polluted.  Remember, the jugs were the same and the water in each from the same source.  In addition, they were all kept in the same environment.

Words and thoughts are extremely powerful.  Be mindful of both.


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