As Steve Harvey would say, "We got a good one fa ya today".  How in the world can you ever know how far you can take YOUR life if you don't risk going too far?  Think about this now.  How boring would it be to have a 420 Horse Power engine in you and only use 40HP?  Or if your life tank needs Premium Unleaded but you only use Regular Unleaded.  My God, live a little, correction, live a LOT.  Rev your engine every now an then.  Be ALIVE!

How will you ever know how far you can take your life if you never risk going too far?  Cross the line today, that's the only way you'll know where the line is.  Try something new, eat something different, take a different route to and from work, the options are endless.  Drop me line to let me know what you tried new today.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.



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