I recently took off one Monday for a long weekend.  Everything at the radio station was in place for the three days, so I thought.  Sunday morning things went to hell in a hand basket.  Wouldn't you know it, my boss tries to reach me on my company phone and couldn't as I had turned it off to try to sleep in.  Thinking I would be fired for not being able to be reached, seeing all the missed calls and voice mails, my boss reacted in a way that made my few days off even better.

I was out of town for a few days to try to shut down the machine and rest.  KTDY was all set through Monday.  Being the Program Director, I had everyone in place in my absence and they all knew what to do.

As bad luck would have it, something unforeseen happened early Sunday morning and we were off the air.  My boss, Bruce,  tried to reach me before daylight that rainy Sunday morning and could not.  The reason, I had put my station phone on silent.

When I woke up and gave him a call back, several hours later, I just know he would be upset.  He wasn't.  Not at all.  The words that came out of his mouth early that morning, made my getaway even better.

His words need to be a reminder for all of us, to breathe.


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