Today I visited my parents grave site, which will also be my final resting place as well.  While pulling weeds and killing ants, I was drawn to the family headstone, in particular the dash between my parent's birth date and the date they expired.  I just sat there and stared at those dashes.  There were only two as I am lucky enough to still be creating my dash.  I was thinking about my 'dash' up till now, am I happy with it?  Or do I need to make some changes for the forth quarter of my life?

What do you want your dash to say about your life when the time comes?

I want mine to represent a life full of happiness, love, family and special friends.  I want it to represent a life rich in abundant blessings.  I don't want my dash to represent a guy that woke up before sunrise to go do a job he hated.  I don't want to be remembered as the guy who walked into a fountain at the mall because he had his head buried in a phone.  Or leave behind a legacy of anger and hate on social media because the world didn't always agree with ME ME ME.

I want my dash to scream LIFE.  After all, that dash represents the 'living' part of your journey on this earth.  LIVE!  Live BIG!  Live HAPPY!  Live, love and laugh.  Laugh a lot.  Make every precious moment of your dash, count!

Don't let your dash die before you do.


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