We made it to Wednesday!  Today my message is not a quote from someone famous, it's my message.  I'm changing my mindset.  You see, I've been having serious back problems.  I'm in need of at least 2 surgeries but can't have them right now, long story.  I'm finding myself hunching over more, moving slower than usual and overall not myself due to the pain.  Pain that I can't do a thing about unless I stay drugged, which I refuse to do.  So today, "I'm sucking it up"!

Starting today I'm going to stand tall, even if it hurts.  I'm going to move faster, no matter what the level of pain.  I'm hoping that eventually my brain will compensate and I won't notice the pain as much.  It's time to get back to living!

So, today, the message is this...STOP COMPLAINING AND SUCK IT UP.

Tell ya what, you help me to remember today's message and I'll try to help you.  We CAN do this!

Have a wonderful day.


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