Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Tonight I not only give you one 'Daily Message', I give you two.  One is about how to handle life when the going gets tough and the bonus message is how it's never too late to be what you've always wanted to be.

On a separate note, this weekend was not a great weekend for me, actually it was a horrible weekend.  Seems like everything I did or touched went to hell in a hand-basket.  And most was out of my control.  Now I could start off Monday still focused on the past two days and start off the week on a bad note, but I won't allow it.  I'm practicing what I've been preaching in these messages.  You have the power to make a choice to be happy or sad.  Remember, you can't be both at the same time, so the moment you make the choice to be happy it is impossible to be sad.  Let's all make the choice to start off the week happy!

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