I was visiting with my friend Janice, owner of Victory Silks and Interiors, a lovely, spiritual lady.  She and I got to talking about how sometimes our attitude or mood can blur the reality around us.  Sometimes all we need to do, to have a better day, is to change the way we view it.  Her message is only one short sentence but packs more power than an entire library of books.

Once we humans realize that we have the power to change anything we'd like changing, the world will be our oyster.  You know, I think sometimes I stay in a bad mood because I'm lazy.  It's like I don't want to try to make my day better.  And most times when I'm having a crappy day, all I really have to do is change my mood.  Janice told me, when she gets that way, she starts by giving thanks for all the good in her life.  I mean, how easy is THAT.  Like they say, sometimes all it takes is a forced smile to trick your brain into believing it.

No matter how small or big, you have the God given power to change everything negative in your life.  Ask yourself, "How am I being that this is happening?".

Have a wonderful Thursday!




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