I've lived in Judice, La. for about 4 years now.  I travel Duhon Road almost every day.  Sometimes several times per day and night for that matter.  And at different times.  I have never, in 4 years, caught the traffic light at Duhon Road and Johnston Street (HWY 167), green.  Not once.  Obviously, some people do, I've never been one of the lucky ones.

On a side note, traffic will be insane this weekend in Lafayette.  Festival International is being held downtown Lafayette and it's one of the largest free outdoor festivals of it's kind in the U.S.  Hotels will be sold out, restaurants will be packed and traffic will be horrendous.

Other festivals drawing people to our are the Etouffee Festival in Arnaudville, La., the Cajun Woodstock Festival in Church Point and Jazz Festival in New Orleans.

This weekend, may all your travels bring green lights!

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