Tonight's 'Daily Message' is a MUST SEE. I don't care who you are, how old you are, the color of your skin, gay or straight, rich or poor, democrat or republican, this is a message that every human walking the planet should hear. Share it with everyone you know. Today, a beautiful 87-year-old lady rocked my world and will change yours when you watch tonight's video.

There is a new assisted living home in Youngsville, La. called BeeHive Homes.  They will be sponsoring the CJ and Debbie Ray Morning Show in the near future.  So Debbie Ray and I and a few of our colleagues from work, paid them a visit today so that we know what to say on the air.  While touring the facility, we had a chance to meet the very first resident of BeeHive Homes.  Her name is Ms. Alice.  Just a delightful, sweet lady.  I'm not sure she realized it, but she said something to me today that will change a part of my life forever.  It's like the universe put me in her presence for a reason today.

When you watch this video, I will give you, a very important key to life.  But I'm only the messenger, the angel that gave it to me is spending the night in Youngsville.  Thank you for an unforgettable memory Ms. Alice.

Ms. Alice
Townsquare Media, Staff Photo

If you don't watch this video, I'm coming to your house, and I'm picking up Ms. Alice to come with me.  WATCH IT and SHARE IT!  Please.

Have a wonderful evening.

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