Jealousy is a disease.  And it's thread of destruction that runs throughout the fabric society.  I'm convinced it is a direct creation of the devil.  So how do you stop it?  First, you have to recognize that you have the disease.  Secondly, you have to fight to detach from it, just as you would a caffeine, cigarette or alcohol addition.  One way to tell if you suffer from jealousy is to ask yourself, do you feel good when you get even?  If you answered yes, you are on the road to a very unhappy existence.

Your mind may have you believe that love and jealousy go hand in hand.  If your love is a 10, then your jealousy must also be.  Completely false.  If your love for something or someone is a 10, jealousy should be nonexistent.  As you'll learn in the video tonight, love and passion are 100% incompatible with jealousy.

Get some rest, see you on the radio in the morning.

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