Justin Timberlake was receiving a special music award in New York several weeks ago at the Marriott in Times Square.  I just happened to be outside the hotel and watched as celeb after celeb walked the red carpet.

From Clive Davis to Bonnie Raitt, they were all there to honor Timberlake.  Security was high but not as dominant as you might think.  Black SUV, one after the other, would park to let out the famous.  I didn't catch everyone as my phone battery died.  And I couldn't wait to see Justin Timberlake as I was running late for a Broadway performance of Wicked.

In this video, you'll see the legendary Nile Rogers walk the red carpet.  Rogers is a record producer, songwriter, musician, composer, arranger, and guitarist/co-founder of Chic.  He has performed on recordings that have sold over 500 million albums and 75 million singles worldwide.






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