Today, Valentine's Day, CJ and Debbie Ray in the Morning are giving away chocolate covered, hand-dipped strawberries from Candyland Cottage and Ice Cream Shoppe in Scott.  These are fresher, sweeter and more unique than anything you will get online.

CJ was at Candyland Cottage a few days ago and was the first to try their newest creation, a white-chocolate dipped strawberry with mini M & Ms.

Candyland Cottage is a gem for those who want to step back in time with homemade fudge, truffles, specialty candies, authentic ice cream sodas, the best hot dogs in Acadiana, kids parties and so much more.

Candyland Cottage and Ice Cream Shoppe is located at 109 Benoit Patin Rd. in Scott, La.  They open at 10AM weekdays (11AM on Sundays).  The phone number is (337) 264-6945.


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