It was the end of May earlier this year when I found myself at 108 N. Main St. in St. Martinville, Louisiana at the home of Rytek.  You wouldn't even know you were there because the building was unmarked at the time of my visit, but there's a lot of hard work going on inside the old but maintained building.  On May 30, 2019, Ryan the owner of Rytek Vinyl Screenprinting and Gifts, put me to work.

Ryan and I have been friends for many years.  I've always been impressed with his work, promptness and prices.  Rytek has designed and printed hundreds and hundreds of shirts for KTDY over the years.

One afternoon, while in St. Martinville, I made a surprise visit to Rytek.  The staff could not have been nicer.  But before I left, they put this old radio guy to work.

One has to be very careful in back of the building where the printers are.  These massive machines won't stop for anything.  If you're in the way, you may get knocked to the ground.

During the time I spent at Rytek I was able to see
Delcambre Panthers shirts come out of the dryer and placed in boxes.

I guess you're never too old to learn something new, right.  To the staff of Rytek in St. Martinville, thank you so much for teaching me a new trick.  I had a blast!

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