It took me months, but finally, the new Marshalls & HomeGoods, Kaliste Saloom and Ambassador Caffery got it right!  After talking with managers, employees and even some customers, Marshalls & HomeGoods made the change, came out of the dark and showed some class.

The new expanded Marshalls & HomeGoods on the south-side of Lafayette was built with the lettering above the entrance on the front of the building too low.  Contractors had to move every letter displaying the name of the store higher not only to look appropriate but to match all other stores in the U.S. with the same design as the Lafayette location.  You can still see the shabby patch job on the front of this brand NEW building.  I noticed last night, there are also leaks in the ceiling inside the store already.  Wonder who that contractor was?

But I digress.  Inside, behind the checkout counter, there is the name of the store boldly displayed.  It says "Marshalls & HomeGoods".  There are track lights above the letters that should be POINTED ON THE LETTERS.  Since opening their doors, our location has had those lights pointed at the wall, the ceiling, everywhere but the name of the store as intended.  The lights were positioned just like the contractor installed them, never adjusted to point toward the name of the store which is so prominently displayed on what may be considered the main wall of the entire store.

I talked to managers, employees, anyone who would listen.  I'd return and still, nothing was changed.  One day I found this delightful, colorful, young man who had hair dyed a pinkish red.  We got to talking about his hair and ultimately the conversion turned toward the sign mishap.  He agreed with me 100% that the lighting should be ON THE LETTERS screaming the name of the store and not all over the wall as though a hurricane had moved them there.  He said when I left that day that he would handle it!

I don't know if my new young friend, who's name escapes me, had anything to do with the lighting reassignment, but whoever made the change did a GREAT JOB!

I'm only a guy on the radio, nobody special, but I've learned in my older age how to be confident enough to speak up.  I try to teach my kids to say and do things that make an impression so folks remember them.  And in the process, if we leave the world in a little better shape, that's only a plus.

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