Have you ever been in the back of a movie theater?  I don't mean out by the dumpster behind the building, but instead, back where the projectors are.  KTDY videographer Sam and I recently went behind the scenes at The Grand 14 Ambassador on Kaliste Saloom.  Just as the tunnels at Disney World, the projection area at The Grand is a whole different and intriguing world that many people never get to see.

Thursday June 1, KTDY is showing a VIP Director's Cut version of Saturday Night Fever celebrating the 40th anniversary of it's release this December.  Listeners can't buy tickets, but can win them on our website 999ktdy.com.

In an effort to get the movie to look and sound the best it can for this special presentation, there needed to be adaptations made to some of the equipment that will be used to get the image on the screen and the audio signal through the sound system.  These days, hardly anyone ever goes into the projection area of the theater as everything is digitally control via satellite using computers.  The only time a team member of The Grand has to visit the projection area is when a problem occurs, with is rare.  Since the KTDY showing of Saturday Night Fever is not being sent via satellite or using The Grand's in-house computers the way in which they are intended, we must test the equipment we are using every time a tweak is made.

On one visit last week, I asked General Manager Dempsey Thibodeaux if it would be okay to video Sam and I going into the projection area.  He graciously said yes.

This area of the theater would be the perfect place to take a nap.  It's dark, surprisingly quiet and the sound of all the equipment and fans up there would put me out like a baby.  It's remarkable large with corridors that twist and turn to access all 14 projection units and sound equipment for each theater.  There is also an area that houses all the computers that controls every movie you see at The Grand.  The walls are lined with mostly old movie posters, some of which could probably rake in a bundle on eBay.  As many movies as I've watched in that venue, I had no idea of what it took to get and image on the screen.  Like everyone else, I usually get a bag of popcorn and a drink and have a seat.  I will never watch a movie the same way again.  It's all quite fascinating.


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